About ISAN

ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number) is a voluntary numbering system and metadata schema for the unique and persistent identification of any audiovisual works and versions thereof including films, shorts, documentaries, television programs, sports events, advertising, etc. Through the ISAN Version, it is possible to identify all related versions of a work such as variants (expressions, manifestations), language, editions, clips, media embodiments, digital encodings, etc... The ISAN Version allows also identifying closely related content & items including promotional material, soundtracks, closed captioning tracks, etc.

Developed by major players of the audiovisual industry, ISAN has been designed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in the year 2000 to meet the requirements of the digital revolution as defined by content owners, broadcasters, media companies and standard organizations, for the unique identification of audiovisual works ISO 15706-1:2001, and versions thereof ISO 15706-2:2007. ISAN is the only audiovisual asset identifier in the ISO portfolio of media identifiers. ISAN is an ISO Intellectual Property, it is managed by the ISAN International Agency (ISAN-IA), a not for profit Swiss association, contractually mandated by ISO to operate the ISAN Registry and appoint local Registration Agencies.

ISAN is used in production and distribution systems, facilitating interoperability and exchange of information between stakeholders of the media value chain. ISAN contributes to improve the acquisition of rights and the distribution of royalties. ISAN facilitates data aggregation from various sources as for example to improve audience measurements and market analytics. ISAN is also key to content tracking and monitoring: it has been integrated in several watermarking and fingerprinting technologies. ISAN is the Content Identifier in the AACS Copy Management function for Blu-ray discs and is implemented in UltraViolet.

Founded by AGICOA , CISAC and FIAPF , ISAN-IA (the ISAN International Agency) is a not-for-profit Swiss association based in Geneva, mandated by ISO for implementing, running and managing the ISAN standard, the ISAN system and central database.