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Dear Rightsholder,


ISAN update from AGICOA



AGICOA is updating its systems to further integrate ISAN into its works database. ISAN offers significant benefits to the identification of audiovisual works, so this will increase the efficiency of the declaration process and help AGICOA improve its services to Rightsholders.

ISAN now mandatory in France and Spain


Other producer collecting societies worldwide have recognized the benefits of ISAN and are also beginning to integrate ISAN into their systems. ANGOA and EGEDA, the collection societies in France and Spain, have recently announced that as of 2010, audiovisual works must have an ISAN code in order for secondary broadcast claims to be processed and paid. We expect this mandatory requirement will extend to other national collection societies as the adoption of ISAN throughout the industry continues to grow.


ISAN Registration Agencies

ISAN Registration Agencies are ready to help you register ISANs for all works where these are required for royalty processing. Follow the link attached to see a list of Agencies worldwide. If you are unsure whom to contact, kindly email ISAN-IA, the International Agency: info@isan.org.

New AGICOA services that will assist you in meeting ISAN requirements for payments


AGICOA will inform you automatically of the need for an ISAN.

We are currently synchronizing our works database with the global ISAN database so that existing ISANs will be included in new claims to ANGOA and EGEDA automatically.

For specific questions, please check our ISAN FAQ, which will be updated from time to time.

Yours faithfully,


Pierre Oberholzer / pob@agicoa.org



AGICOA is not an ISAN Registration Agency and will not bill you for ISANs. Our role is only to notify where third parties need ISANs, and via synchronization with the global ISAN database, expedite claims once those ISANs exist.

This information is current as of December 2009, and is relevant to all Rightsholders affected by ANGOA and EGEDA’s mandatory ISAN requirements from 2010. This document may be updated from time to time, for example whenever other collection societies inform us that ISANs are now mandatory.

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