Register with AGICOA, it’s simple, quick, and free of charge

If you are an independent producer or an entity representing individual producers you should consider joining the more than 20’000 producers around the world that have already registered with AGICOA to obtain payment from secondary rights. It is free of charge and you can decide at any time to withdraw any of the rights you have granted AGICOA to manage.

As soon as you register, you are assisted by a Portfolio Manager to declare your audiovisual works and receive payment for the international distribution of these works.


Requirements of Rightsholders

Rightsholders should provide the following documents:
– Completed and signed Registration Form,
– Extract from the commercial register,
– Copy of official identification document for each signatory,
– Copy of a bank account statement for the payment beneficiary.

The works may be declared with AGICOA at any time, but the sooner the better. To benefit from royalties collected for a given broadcast year (e.g. 2020) your declaration should be made prior to the end of the third year following this broadcast year (e.g. before 31 December 2023).

Works and rights can be declared online through AGICOA’s IRRIS Web portal or by using Excel, XML, PDF.

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Useful documents to read before registering

Official documents that further explain the process from registration to payment, and your rights and obligations as a producer.

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General Policy on Deductions from Royalties and from any Income arising from the Investment of Royalties
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General Policy on Distribution
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Members and Declarants Privacy Policy
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