Who we are

In a sea of audiovisual content, our laser focus is on the royalties that accrue to the producers

AGICOA is a non-profit organization that monitors the use of audiovisual works on cable or any other similar distribution means, collects the royalties from the operators, and distributes them to the entitled rightsholder.

In an ocean of content, AGICOA is a compass that helps audiovisual producers and operators navigate a challenging legal environment. AGICOA understands the rights and obligations of each stakeholder.

We ensure reliability, transparency, and efficiency in licensing audiovisual content to operators and collecting secondary rights royalties for producers.

What we offer

Our expertise?
Secondary rights. Trust us

Secondary rights are the rights that the operators must acquire from the producers to distribute to the public the TV channels that include the producer’s audiovisual work. AGICOA will conclude licenses with the operators and collect the royalties from them on behalf of the producers.

We follow your audiovisual works globally

AGICOA, its Alliance members and external partners track the retransmission of your works worldwide and collect royalties owed to you.

Fair payment to producers is a means to finance their next projects

AGICOA believes that content producers need to be properly paid for the secondary use of their works from any entity generating revenues from this use.

Distribute audiovisual content securely and fairly

AGICOA helps operators to obtain the necessary authorizations from the producers for the use of their work, and provide them assurance they comply with their copyright obligations. It also helps them meet the standard requirements of royalties’ payment.

Ensure fairness and efficiency in the payment of royalties worldwide

With our legal expertise, global negotiating experience, and solid international and professional network, the operators obtain licenses that reflect fair and equal treatment. 


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Agicoa electronic apointment process news

New early electronic appointment process for the Administrative Board

In 2020, we introduced the possibility of holding General Assembly meetings in person, remotely or in hybrid format.

Transparency report agicoa article

Audit of AGICOA’s Annual Financial Statements and Transparency Report: Transparency Builds Trust

AGICOA is not based in the European Union, yet we comply voluntarily with Directive 2014/26/EU on the collective management of copyright and related rights.


The largest international Collective Management Organization for audiovisual producers globally

AGICOA represents more than 20 000 rightsholders worldwide. AGICOA is strictly neutral, operating and treating all rightsholders equally regardless of their nationality or commercial weight.

agicoa acts globally

A global presence

Every year, AGICOA represents more rightsholders globally, tracks down a growing number of audiovisual works, and collects royalties around the world.

Our network

The AGICOA Alliance brings together a dozen Collective Management Organizations in key media markets that facilitate the professional handling of intellectual property rights. Based locally and close to their beneficiaries, they share AGICOA’s central services and have leverage negotiating power.


AGICOA’s corporate bodies are the General Assembly (comprised of members), the Administrative Board (supervisory role), the Managing Director, and the Auditor.