About the company

Established in 1981, AGICOA is a non-profit organization that negotiates, collects, and distributes royalties from the use of audiovisual works, whether via cable, satellite, mobile or any other similar means. We operate under the terms of audiovisual copyright law set by the Berne Convention, the satellite broadcasting and cable retransmission European Directive 93/83/EEC (CABSAT 1) and the online broadcasting and retransmission European Directive 2019/789/EU (CABSAT 2).

Agicoa Our Mission

Our Mission

In this digital age, it is sometimes difficult for producers to keep track of how, when and where their works are being used.

AGICOA is a non-profit organization that monitors the use of audiovisual works on cable or any other similar distribution means, collects the royalties from operators, and redistributes them to the entitled rightsholder. AGICOA is strictly neutral, operating and treating all rightsholders equally regardless of their commercial weight or nationality.

Royalties’ collection may be conducted either directly by AGICOA, through the AGICOA Alliance members, or via other AGICOA external partners (mainly other Collective Management Organizations).


We collect royalties worldwide


Collection EUR 164.1M

Put into distribution in 2023.

audiovisual works and rights

1,676,544 audiovisual works and rights

The number of declared works and rights was up by 2.67% in 2023.

Global Partners

The AGICOA Alliance

The AGICOA Alliance brings together a dozen collective management organizations in key media markets that facilitate the professional management of intellectual property rights.

AGICOA Alliance partners subscribe to common rules and practices, which ensure that the rightsholders’ interests are defended efficiently and consistently across countries. Based locally and close to their beneficiaries, they share central services and have negotiation leverage power.

Our Expertise

AGICOA covers all aspects of
royalty distribution


AGICOA negotiates licensing agreements with operators that distribute the audiovisual works of the producers on condition of royalty payment. AGICOA also helps settle conflicts between rightsholders, such as competing declarations of ownership regarding the same work. AGICOA ensures full compliance with the applicable international conventions, the EU Directives and Swiss law.

IT facilities

AGICOA uses the AGICOA international database of audiovisual works and rights of the producers, as well as the IRRIS technology (International Rights Royalties Information System) that includes a full range of processes from registration, identification and royalty distribution.


AGICOA has an annual statutory audit, with strict internal controls and monitoring from collection to payments to rightsholders and of the operational budget. A Transparency Report is issued on an annual basis.


AGICOA tracks the use  of audiovisual works by  operators globally, and identifies their rightsholders. AGICOA performs multiple and thorough quality controls of broadcast data from third party providers.

Relationship management

Each rightsholder receives assistance from a dedicated Portfolio Manager to register with AGICOA, declare works, and follow up with mandates and payment of royalties.


Our publications

Our latest articles about current matters relating to audiovisual rights, international regulations, and other news relevant to the field.

What is collective management?

Collective management provides a bridge between rightsholders and users, whether it be in music, publishing, photography, or audiovisual. Discover how.

Tracking of broadcasts

Tracking of audiovisual works’ broadcasts is the core of our activity. Discover how it works.



AGICOA is a unique constellation of specialists in legal matters, IT, sales, negotiation, management, and other disciplines that combine their expertise and create an energizing work environment.

Joining the AGICOA team is an opportunity to grow in an international, culturally diverse, and professionally stimulating team.