AGICOA Alliance

The AGICOA Alliance is a unique partnership that enables the efficient international collection and distribution of royalties for the retransmission of audiovisual works.

People in Geneva

Approximately 60 people located in 12 countries are involved in the management of Rightsholder interest by the AGICOA Alliance. Of these in 2013, 33 are located at AGICOA in Geneva. Customers & Distribution took care of client portfolios and tracked use of work, identifying well over a million broadcasts a year. The Legal and Business department negotiated new license agreements, renewed and extended existing contracts and helped Rightsholders resolve ownership conflicts. The Finance department managed our funds collection and distribution, while Information Systems managed the flow of data across the Organization and to over 15,000 registered Rightsholders via IRRIS.

agicoa geneva staff 2013

AGICOA and its partners organizations

Alliance partners accommodate different national legal requirements but embody common practices to manage Rightsholders' interests in a consistent, cost efficient way. The single declaration of an audiovisual work enables the collection of royalties wherever collective management operates.

Alliance partners have deep knowledge of their own broadcast markets. Aggregation of the interests of international Rightsholders adds considerable weight to the collective licensing agreements they negotiate with national and local operators. Equal treatment of all Rightsholders, irrespective of size and nationality, is guaranteed.

AGICOA Alliance

AGICOA Alliance