These days, many businesses and organizations are using automation – via data and systems integration – as a way of making their processes more efficient, transparent and reliable, and to add value for users. At AGICOA, we have had an automated conflict resolution procedure (CRP) in place since August 2021, and the results have been extraordinary.

More efficient and transparent

The automated CRP is more reliable because the system is entrusted with repetitive, routine and low-added-value tasks.

Added value for users

With automation, conflicts can also be resolved more quickly, meaning we can launch more CRPs concurrently, reduce the backlog of cases and, ultimately, release more royalties to our rightsholders. Between January and April 2022, for example, we resolved more conflicts and paid more royalties to rightsholders than in all of 2021.

Click here to watch the demo video, which provides a step-by-step guide to the features of the automated CRP. You can also check out the detailed PDF presentation here.

Automating the CRP required some adjustments to the AGICOA Conflict Rules. These changes, which were largely technical in nature, did not affect the essence of the rules or their underlying principles. Click here to see the updated rules (2021 version).

Since launching the automated CRP, we have been exploring how else we can use automation to make our workflows more efficient and transparent, and to create value for our rightsholders.

Stay tuned!