AGICOA’s members have been geographically dispersed ever since the organization was created. In the past, the only option open to members who were unable to attend the General Assembly in person was to appoint other members as proxies. Then, in 2020, we introduced the possibility of holding General Assembly meetings in person, remotely or in hybrid format. This change was intended to make it easier for more members to participate.

Time-zone differences could still make it difficult for some members to attend General Assembly meetings. With this in mind, and to make it even easier for members to exercise their voting rights in appointing the AGICOA Administrative Board, the General Assembly amended the association’s By-laws on May 23, 2023, to introduce an early electronic appointment process for Administrative Board members.

A secure, confidential, and trustworthy procedure

Under the new By-laws, the General Assembly now decides on the appointment of the Administrative Board members ahead of the General Assembly at which the new Administrative Board is formed. Specifically, prior to the General Assembly meeting, members:

  • affirm the Administrative Board members appointed to the designated seats,
  • elect the Administrative Board members for the open seats, and
  • affirm the principal and substitute delegates for the observer seat.

In addition to ensuring that all our members effectively participate in appointing the Administrative Board members, this change also streamlines the management of the appointment process and the conduct of the General Assembly meeting at which a new Administrative Board is composed.

A carefully chosen external service provider will provide AGICOA members with a secure, confidential and trustworthy procedure.

A clear and extended timeline

With the new procedure, AGICOA members also have more time – and all the information they need – to make an informed decision (see image below).

For full details of the new early electronic appointment procedure, check out our amended By-laws and our new Appointment Policy.

Keep an eye out for further changes in our processes!

Agicoa electronic apointment process