AGICOA: The Rights People

AGICOA is not a conventional agent or collecting society. We are a unique, international, not-for-profit organization established almost forty years ago to track and distribute royalties essentially on retransmission of the products of independent producers.

AGICOA represents clients worldwide. We mainly operate under the terms of audiovisual copyright law established by the Berne Convention and the provisions of the Cable and Satellite Directive. Our By-Laws clearly specify our purpose, mandates and activities. Since 2000, we have put into distribution over two billion euros of royalty payments on a portfolio of more than a million audiovisual products.

AGICOA is directed by and is accountable to an international administrative board that includes rightsholder representatives as well as individuals with a range of professional skills and experience relevant to our activities.

This form of governance offers two important advantages: the organization is truly "neutral" - it operates without any national bias - and all rightsholders are treated equally, regardless of their commercial weight and importance.

Our international operations are facilitated through the AGICOA Alliance, a network of associates in key media markets. Through them, rightsholders access the advantages of local language, market insight and negotiating skills.