Registration Guideline


If you are eligible to register with AGICOA, we look forward to receiving the following mandatory documents:

  • Registration Form 
  • Extract from the commercial register
  • Copy of official identification document for each signatory
  • Copy of a bank account statement for the payment beneficiary

Please submit all documents via the Contact page, e-mail or mail and a Portfolio Manager will soon contact you to confirm the creation of your AGICOA account. You will receive the access codes to AGICOA Declaration Portal and a user guide that will help you to navigate online.

Your Portfolio Manager will be happy to answer any questions you may have about AGICOA and your registration. 

Registration Form


Declarant type

If your company or yourself manage your own catalogue and is entitled to receive payments directly, your Declarant type is “Independent Rightsholder”. 

If your company manages several catalogues on behalf of different clients and you will dispatch the royalties to the corresponding clients, your Declarant type is “Agent”.

If, for convenience only, yourself or your company would like to split your catalogue between several accounts, and is entitled to receive payments directly, your Declarant type is “Agent”. 

Legal status

If  you register a company, your legal status is “Legal entity” and you must submit an extract from the commercial register to AGICOA. 

If you are a person, your legal status is “Natural person” and AGICOA requires a copy of an official identification document.

Please provide all contact details of the company or person.

General Assembly 

The General Assembly is AGICOA’s supreme body. It is comprised of all AGICOA members in good standing. 

If you wish give your voting rights to a member representing your interests, please indicate its name. If you don’t wish to give your voting rights to a member, select  None.

Contact Person

For security reasons, AGICOA only accepts instructions and share information with the contact persons officially registered with us. Therefore, we recommend to register at least two contact persons, should one person be out of the office. If you need to register more than three persons, you are invited to submit a second registration form filling out the ‘Contact Person’ section only.

Each contact person, chosen to act on behalf of the company, must provide a copy of an official identification document and sign the registration form.

Each contact person will be granted a login and password to access AGICOA’s web portal IRRIS (International Rights Royalty Information System).  Different accesses exist to view and/or update the data. Every authorized contact person can have a different power of attorney.


Mailing list receiver

Please indicate who is responsible for receiving communications from AGICOA on the three different topics listed on the form.

It is mandatory to indicate one person for each topic, but it can of course be the same person.

Payment details

If the beneficiary name of the bank account is different from the company name, tight money laundering legislation in Switzerland requires an explanation. Please provide a written explanation and any documents clarifying the situation to AGICOA.

AGICOA generally pays the royalties in EUR, however, we can also pay royalties in the following currencies, depending on the country of distribution: PLN, NOK and SEK. Make sure that your bank account accepts different currencies. You can also register multiple bank accounts. You can send page 5 of the registration form separately for every bank account you want to register. For each bank account, an official bank account document, on the bank’s letterhead, is required for audit purposes. 

AGICOA do not accept banking details for correspondent/intermediary banks. In order to make a payment, the account number that corresponds to the final Beneficiary is required. For more details, contact your bank. They will be able to give you detailed instructions for international payments and please provide these instructions with the registration form.

The form must always be countersigned by a person(s) who, according to the commercial register, is authorized to act on behalf of the company.  This person can act as an operational contact in all matters related to AGICOA, or not. As with other contacts, we need an official identification document with a clearly visible signature for audit purposes.